Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tension Issues

Apparently I have them. That's the word from TKGA regarding my Level I submission. It came back to me a few days ago and I have four swatches to rework. Nick finds it curious that I needed to work all those little swatches in order to learn I have Tension Issues when he could have told me without my knitting a stitch. "Not that kind of tension," said I through clenched teeth.

Gratefully, none of the written work needs to be redone. I hope to redo the four tension-challenged swatches and resubmit them sooner, rather than later.


Motivated by Zimmermania, I got started on a Ganomy hat for Nick this week. I finished it this morning. I love the clever construction and utilitarian design of this hat. I've been wanting to make one ever since finding Jared's last winter. However, despite admiring his and the way it looked on its owner, I've had some niggling doubts about how it would look on Nick. But never one to listen to that inner voice, until it's shrieking at me, I forged ahead.

I don't know if it's the knitting, the pattern or the head, but I was right. Flattering? Not so much. However, it's luxurious and soft and it covers the ears. I predict as the mercury dips and the wind blows and the dog still demands to be walked, it will be worn - and appreciated!

Nick's Ganomy Hat
Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Ganomy Hat from Knitter's Almanac
Yarn:Noro (Again!) Cash Iroha
Needles: US size 7 circs and dpns
Modifications: Because I was knitting with a gauge of 4.5 sts/inch instead of 4, and because I needed a bigger finished hat, I cast on 108 sts instead of 80. That, combined with my desire for a more rounded, less pointy top, led me to a slightly modified decreasing strategy. If I make this again, I'll have to fine-tune the shaping, but this hat is DONE.

When the clouds lifted this weekend, they revealed fresh snow on the mountain tops. Nick may be wearing this sooner than I think..

A view to inspire the knitting of cold-weather wear ..

*SPECIAL THANKS to Chris for her "sidebar button" guidance!*


Monika said...

I like your knitting and your knitting aditute! ;o) My Ganomy hat did not come out all that well and my son will wear it only while shoveling snow or in bed (he said). ;o)

Hilary said...

Tension issues, you???!!! I was sure you were talking about me. :) Don't you want to see the people at the other end, opening packages of swatches and peering at them through magnifying glasses?

I think the Ganomy hat looks great! On Nick, too! I can't imagine it looks exactly ... fashionable ... on anyone, but it looks lovely and warm and cosy.

Hang in there ...

Leanne said...

Four swatches to redo isn't bad. I still haven't finished mine. I've done all of the swatches, but I still need to block them. I will probably want to redo a couple, because I'm not satisfied with them. And I've done about half of the written stuff.

Of course, all of this I did several months ago, within a couple of days of receiving the instructions, and I haven't touched it since. Must get motivated and finish!

Dipsy D. said...

LOL, tension issues? ;) Actually, as Hilary said, it must be a scream seeing these people at the other end, staring at the swatches and judging them - oy!
I really, really líke that Ganomy's hat, I find it so unique and cool - and it looks great on Nick. If I had the pattern I would make it straight away for CM, it's such a nice difference to the other plain and normal hats around. Great work!