Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Holidays

I'm quite certain that all seven every one of my regular readers is already well-acquainted with the Yarn Harlot, but on the off chance that you've landed here on a google search gone awry, please check out this post. Dontcha just wish you could vote for Stephanie for President???

There's been a knitting funk and an impending-holiday angst happening around here lately, and there's about to be a trip Down South to keep me from this here blog, but I'll be back. I look forward to being refreshed and maybe even ready to show off some finished items or yarn purchases or promising swatches early in 2007.

Best wishes to all for a Joyous Holiday and Healthy New Year!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Patent Pending

This was all Toby's idea. He wanted a hat with a secret pocket, kept hidden by a giant pom-pom. I didn't get it completely right, but it's right enough and he's being terribly gracious about it. I'd like to say I'll do better next time, but there will not be a next time for this hat. First off, it's the equivalent to two hats knitting-wise (Do I get extra Good Mom points for that?) Secondly, it has a pom-pom on top.

I'm delighted that my sweet boy is totally immune to any sort of fashion standards. He wanted a pom-pom and is not at all concerned with how his peers will react.

The whole pocket thing is kind of a dud. He originally thought it would be cool to have a pencil hidden away, just for those times when you suddenly need a pencil. Or better yet, when your friend needs a pencil and you can pull one out of your hat. What was I thinking? Oh, you can get a pencil in there, but it's no secret ...

I did learn a thing or two (besides how deeply I dislike pom-poms). I did my first provisional cast-on. This was so I could turn around and knit the "pocket" in the other direction. I followed instructions found here. It's very cool, though I must've done something wrong because my crocheted edge didn't unzip as smoothly as it was supposed to. It required more of a zip one/tug one operation. I'll need to work on that. I also did EZ's sewn bind-off for stretchability. I highly recommend it! I made and rejected two pom-poms before Toby helped me with one that made the cut. Pathetic, I know. Makes you kind of wonder about the two that didn't make it.

Toby's Secret Pocket Hat
Pattern: You're kidding, right?
Yarn: KnitPicks Swish
Needles: US #6 Addi Turbo 16" Circs and Susan Bates DPNs

ETA: True confession time: I wrote this post last night and held off posting until I could take daylight photos before Toby headed off to school. He was very accommodating (so accommodating that he missed the bus). BUT he didn't want to wear it to school ..