Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Am A Fickle, Fickle Knitter

I keep flitting from project to project without making much progress on anything. AND I keep lusting for new projects. I know there are other names for this disorder, but fickle sounds young and flirty and ADHD .. not so much.

So I have two finished socks to show, but not a pair:

That's one Monkey Sock*and one Thuja. The mates for each of these have been dutifully cast on and I'm hoping if I cart them along to Virginia Beach, peer pressure will translate into at least one finished pair.

I had a spurt of Leaf and Trellis shawl knitting which was cancelled out by some Leaf and Trellis shawl unknitting (ripping actually) when I found an error last night. I'm back on track now, but my net progress since last you heard about it is underwhelming.

I worked a little bitty swatch out of my Malabrigo Lace in the Melon Stitch pattern from VLT. I'm thinking that I'll make a scarf with just a simple garter edge rather than a shawl. I love the lace knitting, but clearly (see above) I shouldn't mix knitting that requires chart following and socializing. I'm optimistic (read: In the throes of a new crush) that this will fill all of my current needs, since it's lace but with a very simple, easily memorized pattern.

I'm also being led astray by thoughts of a fair isle-y cardigan. With oil prices and global warming fear going up, and a husband threatening to suggesting we turn the thermostat down, the only responsible thing I can do is order yarn for a beautiful cold-weather sweater that I'll never want to take off. Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified arrived in today's mail so maybe I can finally make a decision and place a Morehouse Farms order. I have yet to make anything that required steeking and I think I'm ready.

It looks like I'll have enough knitting on board to last the week in Virginia Beach - or at least until our first yarn store run. Now if I can just get the laundry done and the suitcases packed, we'll be on our way!

* Since you asked: I'm using Koigu KPPPM in colorway P460 for the Monkey Socks


chris said...

Don't be so hard on yourself - your not fickle - your deversified! Love the socks and the cardy looks beautiful. And I think I'm stupid - looked through my level 1 stuff - and I think I'll use cascade 200 in white - but did I miss a needle size somewhere? I couldn't find a needle size to use. Or am I supposed to FIGURE that out - ?

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Hey, aren't those Monkeys wildly colored for you! You must be breaking out. Have a great vacation at the beach-

Hilary said...

Ooh ooh ooh, I LOVE the Malabrigo lace. Love it love it love it. The color is gorgeous.
And your Monkey sock is adorable.
Are you bringing all that with you so I can feel it? I'd love to see the Fair Isle book and your color card!
I'd better get some more projects going ... :)

TheAmpuT said...

Have a good trip!
Wish I would have had it together better to visit when you were in town ...sorry :-( The packing nearly killed me. Hopefully you and/or the family will come again soon.