Monday, December 10, 2007

FOs from Head to Toe

First up, the second hat from my Hats I knit for my children even though they didn't ask for them, but they better like them series. This one is for the 11 year old and is a fraternal twin of the hat in the previous post. Some DNA in common, but not identical. I'm growing quite fond of these hats, so if all else fails, I'll wear them!

Toby's Hat
Pattern: A loose interpretation of Ryan's Hat by Pam Allen
Needles: US size 7 dpns and 2 circulars
Yarn:Noro Cash Iroha
Modifications/Notes: Just like the hat in the previous post, I worked my increases more quickly so that I would get a more rounded top. I also worked stockinette earflaps instead of garter stitch. I'm feeling happier about this yarn choice. It IS deliciously soft, and while it may not be the perfect hat for our coldest days, it should be just right for many of them.

Next up, felted clogs that I gifted to my sister for Hanukkah. I've been keeping them off the blog even though I finished them weeks ago. (You never know who might be reading your blog.) I was all set to post a cheery Happy Hanukkah post on Tuesday, when I got the word that she'd be waiting to open her presents until Sunday night when she could get together for latkes and Hanukkah revelry with my brother and his family. So I've been waiting, and waiting...

Beth's Clogs
Pattern: Fiber Trends Felt Clogs by Bev Galeskas
Needles:US size 13
Yarn: Cascade 220, used double. 1 skein for the tops, ~1.5 skeins for the soles
Size: Women's Medium
Notes: This is the new, updated pattern (AC-33) which creates a narrower slipper. I've made one pair from the original pattern and they are quite wide. The revised pattern includes instructions for the wider clog.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love the hat and the series title!I, to o, would wear that one.

Hilary said...

Beautiful hats! Beautiful clogs.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hats! Love those clogs. Since you used the Bulky yarn, I'm assuming it does not need to be doubled, correct? Does the new pattern give yardage for bulky yarn? I have the old one and it recommends using worsted weight doubled, and takes the better part of 3 skeins of Cascade 220 for the larger sizes.

kathy in Juneau said...

Yikes!! I pulled out my yarn to check how much I used and realized I did use Cascade 220. I went through an agonizing process when I was selecting this yarn (ordered on-line) and went back and forth between Lamb's Pride and Cascade 220. If I had used the bulky yarn, I would not have doubled it.

I updated the post with correct yarn and approximate yarn requirements.

Jeanne said...

The hat is just gorgeous (and so was the one in the last post). Love the clogs - what a nice sister!