Sunday, July 06, 2008

Summertime And The Blogging Is Iffy

Back from a wonderful long weekend in beautiful Kelowna, BC where Max was playing in a soccer tournament. It was HOT, brutal for the soccer players, and a little bit much for the spectators, but a nice change from our cool Juneau weather. Kristie in Kamloops directed me to a GREAT yarn store, Art of Yarn. (Thanks, Kristie!) It was well stocked with lots of nice yarn, but I was suffering from my usual indecisiveness and left with nary a skein.

It might be just as well that I showed yarn-buying restraint as I will soon join my enablers family for a visit and we are sure to do some yarn store visiting. Anytime we gather, there is a frenzy of knitting related activity. This usually includes actual knitting as well as future project planning, yarn buying, helping - you name it!

This year, we going to be more directed; we're going to have an official knitting workshop! Other years I have encouraged my sisters to start projects, only to leave them on their own, with unfinished projects and great anxiety, at the end of our vacation. This year, I picked a project that could be completed in one week. I'm going to show them all (two sisters and a sister-in-law) how to make a Moebius Scarf a la Cat Bordhi. I'll share highlights of our Ticonderoga Knitting Retreat when I return.

In th meantime, I'm nearing the end of my top-down Tee shirt. It should make for good, mindless, travel knitting.

I hiked my shorts up so that this wouldn't turn into a midriff shot. At this point I probably still have 5-6 inches to go. But I'm ever hopeful that it will be finished soon!