Thursday, August 03, 2006

Heading North ..

Sunday morning, bright and early, we'll be driving our minivan onto the MV Fairweather and traveling the Alaska Marine Highway to Haines. From Haines we'll drive to Wasilla where Son #1 has a soccer tournament next week. We're all tagging along. We are going to hit the road for points farther North and East after the tournament. Our goal is to see a little bit more of this GREAT state (and the Yukon as well) as our last hurrah of Summer 2006.

While my husband is pulling together an Emergency Road Supply Kit (flares, electrical tape, Goop, Hose Repair Bandage, magic tire patch spray) and trying to locate the First Aid Kit (it's probably wedged under one of the passenger seats, I keep telling him), I am making command decisions about which yarn and projects to bring. I am also making lists of potential yarn shop visits. (Likely locales for this are Anchorage, Wasilla, Whitehorse and Skagway if anyone has a suggestion). I consider this to be a fair and balanced distribution of labor. (Oh, alright, I am also doing mountains of laundry, and stocking up on Audiobooks - these have a wonderful calming effect on our children who are otherwise prone to bickering with one another and kvetching and declaring they never wanted to come on whatever trip we're on in the first place.)

I dyed some more Dale Baby Ull earlier this week. Once again I started with Mid Gray.

I went for narrow stripes of cherry and grape separated by undyed gray stripes.

I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Natural as my ties during dying. What a difference overdying the gray yarn makes:

Things will be quiet around here for a few weeks. I don't expect to be blogging from the road, but I hope to have some knitting to show upon our return.

Thanks to everyone who left such complimentary and encouraging comments about my finished scarf. I am so grateful to have a cyber-knitting community!


bunchkin said...

I LOVE your dyed yarn! Those colors together are beautiful! In South Central, Knitting Grounds and Far North Yarn in Anchorage, Just for Ewe in Wasilla, and Fantastic Fibers in Palmer are all definitely places to stop. Road trips are always fun. So much knitting time!

Ketchikan Choc said...

Have a fun trip. The yarn you dyed looks great.

Dipsy said...

Oh, such a great trip you're looking forward to - I'm feeling just a tiny little bit envious here :) Do have an amazing trip and return back home safely - with a lot of pics!
And I really love your dyed yarn!

Hilary said...

Have a great trip! Wish we could come too. :)

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Your trip sounds wonderful, enjoy! Whats a family trip without kvetching sons ?
I love that overdyed gray, I have a big pile of gray worsted here that I've been planning to dye all summer, yours is inspiring, especially seeing the difference from natural to white base.

knit r up said...

Your vest looks good-yes the color variations are very attractive, and it's your own pattern. Good job! The pictures add so much to the site. I need to look into adding pictures to my site.