Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

That's the number of swatches required for Level I of TKGA Master Hand Knitter Program. That's the number of swatches safely ensconced in individual pocket pages in the binder sitting to my left. Mind you, the longer they sit there the more time I have to obsess about them and wonder which, if any, I should rework before submitting. I also have to finish up the written requirements. Procrastinating about the written requirements gives me more time to obsess about reworking the swatches.

It's a vicious knitter's circle, but one that must end soon as time is running out. In a few weeks my current instructions will have expired*.

In the meantime, I've also started working on a vest out of some Noro Silk Garden that's been ripening in my stash. I swatched a few months back and finally committed to the knitting last week. I'm loving the yarn and the subtle changes of color from stripe to stripe. Because I'm knitting by the seat of my pants (i.e. no real pattern, though I'm keeping it awfully simple) I don't have complete confidence in the outcome. Time will tell.

*There is no overall time limit, but if the instructions are revised, as they recently were, the old instructions are only good for one year from the time you signed on. As there have been significant changes since I received my packet, my goal is to get my submission in under the old instructions.


kt said...

O, Kathy, how perfect for fall is your Noro!

Those colors are just achingly autumnal. I say this as a desert-dweller who has to drive north for a few hours to experience fall colors.

Purty cable, too.

If you have anything you're not happy with, cruise on over to my (unabashedly not-Master-Knitting-level) blog and joing my Frog-along!

Hilary said...

The vest looks gorgeous! What are the written requirements? Long essays on why you knit?

Dipsy D. said...

Your Knitting Program sounds very interesting and exciting to me - but don't fret too much over what you might have done wrong, I'm sure you did the perfect swatches, so just send them off and let them marvel over the beauty of these swatches!
And I so love the beginnings of your vest, it looks just perfect with this gorgeous yarn - looking forward to seeing more of it!

Choc in Ketchikan said...

Congratulations on completing your 16 swatches! You are so far ahead of me. Having seen the work you did on the premie hats I am sure you have done your swatches well.

Yarngirl said...

Congrats and good luck on the submission - I love your seat of the pants knitting too - I'm sure you'll be wonderful at both!

textilejunkie said...

Good luck on your submissions. I'm also doing level one, and went ahead and asked for the new directions. I hadn't really started yet so I figured I would just go with the new. They are not that much different. They added a hat and a couple couple of extra questions - maybe a swatch?

Now that I have finally started (I only have 3 swatches done) I can understand your need to redo :)

Your Noro vest looks awesome. Very, very nice. I love the colors.

Oh, if you have any words of wisdom (regarding the masters program) please pass them on.