Sunday, November 19, 2006

Knitting The Blues

Blue socks. Blue Shawl. Blue hat. It seems that the only knitting happening around here lately is knitting in shades of blue.

SO here's a blue-knitting-in-progress post. You can see that progress, albeit slow progress, is being made on everything blue.

Ene's Scarf is, according to the wondrous shawl progress calculator found here, just past the half-way point. I'm expecting it to start growing quickly now that I know I'm on the downhill side - and with ever diminishing row lengths, no less!

The mystery hat is moving along, doesn't look like much yet, but you just wait.

And the sock, poor sock. It's the only blue thing that's for me, and as such it's been neglected. The hat bumped it from it's soccer-knitting status .. I've stuffed it like a sausage here, so you can see the pretty pattern. Don't worry, sock, I'll be back.


Dipsy D. said...

Wow, all these shades of blue! I really love this color - though I'm not particularly into getting the blues... ;) - and the shades of it that you're working with are particularly awesome! Beautiful projects!

Holly Burnham said...

Fun to see all that blue. Made me think about my color choices and I tend toward the dusty greens.

TheAmpuT said...

I've been torturing myself not allowing myself to cast on for my first shawl, telling myself I need to finish up a couple of things first...but I think this post is helping me grant myself permission.

All looks lovely, Kath....

Yarngirl said...

Lovely - I'm especially loving Ene - and I wish I could get myself to use that shawl progress calculator - tooo scary!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great. Blue is not my favourite colour but you have chosen beautiful shades of it. Beautiful patterns.

I always have several knits "in progress". Finally one day I can finish three things at the same time!

..I envy your snow: in the beginning of November we had a nice amount of snow around here, but now it's all gone and we're stuck in +2Âșc... And it's December!!