Friday, February 02, 2007

Mail Call

I've been on a bit of an ordering binge lately. I believe it's a method of retail therapy designed to beat the mid-winter doldrums. Nothing like having goodies arrive in the mail to bring cheer to a gloomy day.

Yesterday afternoon's mail brought the much anticipated Morehouse Farm Merino 2-Ply that I finally settled on as my yarn of choice for my next sweater project.

This yummy stuff's destiny is a Yoke Sweater a la Elizabeth Zimmerman, though the pattern, Box-the Compass, is actually from Meg Swansen's book.

I have dutifully swatched,

and I am ready to cast on ..


TheAmpuT said...

That yarn looks scrumptious!
And of course, I have to ask...what are the little blue bits at the bottom of the swatch?

Dipsy said...

What a gorgeous yarn - I can't wait to see more of the sweater you're making!

Hilary said...

Very beautiful! And very Yurman ... nothing like beating the mid-winter blues with some cheery grays. :)

Frasera said...

I have the Meg Swansen book but when I bought it, the stuff was all too advanced for me. I'll have to take a look at it again. I can't find any photos of that sweater on the web.