Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Change in the Weather

I found this nifty pattern while cruising around Ravelry and suddenly it was all about the crocheting around here. I just could not resist. I started it one afternoon and finished while watching The Wizard of Oz that evening.

And then I turned around and made another little bit smaller one. I may have gotten the crocheting out of my system for awhile, but you never can tell...

Pattern: Fan Bookmark, by Crocheteroo
Yarn: DMC 5
Hook: 2.1 mm (US3)
Modifications: Besides using a heavier cotton and bigger hook than suggested, I made the tassels longer - long enough to hang outside of a book so that I could add beads.

Pattern: Fan Bookmark, by Crocheteroo
Yarn: DMC 8
Hook: 1.65mm
Modifications: I made the tassels longer - long enough to hang outside of a book so that I could add beads. And I only did 7 pattern repeats. I like things in odd numbers.

I ironed both with spray starch as the pattern suggested, and was pleased with the level of starchiness I achieved. They're not too crisp, not too floppy, just right.

In other changing weather news, just over a week ago, we got our first snow in Juneau. This photo was taken the next morning when the skies cleared and the sun shown on our freshly whitened peaks. But since then it's been mostly rainy and warmish*, and nearly all of the snow at sea level has melted away. I'm sure it will be back.

*warmish being a relative term, of course. It's been in the mid to high 30's (Fahrenheit) most days. Today it got above 40!


Helen said...

It's 43 F in Edinburgh today. Everybody keeps saying it's cold, but I say, 'Do you remember what it used to be like in Edinburgh in November? This is mild.' I would have expected it to be a lot colder in Alaska just now.

Anonymous said...

Crocheting They're beautiful but, should we be worrying about you?
(just kidding).
You view is SPECTACULAR!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

sorry that was me being accidentally anonymous, above.

Hilary said...

How pretty! The bookmarks and the view. The view, really, is spectacular.

I am all for things that can be finished while watching tv. Even if they do remind me a little of the loops at the end of shade pulls (can you crochet those?) They're very cute.

kt said...

Ok, it's STILL getting into the 90's here--HARRUMPH!

The snowy peaks and delicately mossy-toned bookmarks are both splendid.