Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Year of the Hat

In all my years of knitting, I have not knit as many hats as I have knit in the last few months. And just when I thought I had knit my last hat of this hat-wearing season, Max came into the kitchen on Friday morning, pointed at his father's hat-clad head and said, "You should make me a hat like that." His sudden hat desire might have been fed by the weather which looked something like this on Friday morning:

Our digital thermometer actually read -18 that morning.

Next thing I knew I was rummaging through my stash and trying to pick out yarn that might meet the very particular requirements of my 14 year old.

Then on Friday afternoon, we got a phone call informing us that his status as "alternate" goalkeeper for Team Alaska for the Arctic Winter Games had been upgraded. The keeper originally chosen is no longer going. Instead, Max is going to Yellowknife! The temperature in Yellowknife on Friday was minus 35 Fahrenheit. Must. Knit. Warm. Hat.

I started knitting on Saturday and finished Monday morning. In between, on Sunday afternoon, Max had to meet a friend at Skater's Cabin to work on a science project that involved tromping across the frozen lake. It was getting warmer by then, but snowing like crazy and both boys showed up in handmade hats.

Boys in handmade hats!

That's my guy on the right rolling his eyes, but his friend, Alan? Alan is wearing a hat he crocheted himself! How cool is that?? AND I heard him tell Max he couldn't find any string (needed for project) so he brought along a ball of yarn. I love Alan!!

By the time I finished the requested hat, temps were in the mid-30's, skies were grey, and rain was falling. Terrible photo weather, but this post has waited long enough.

Max's Beanie
Pattern: Just a basic 2x2 rib, I cast on 76 stitches
Yarn: Mostly Merino (black) and Morehouse Farm Merino (oatmeal), held together.
Needles: US Size 7 (2 circulars)
My Favorite thing about this project: He likes it!


Hilary said...

Wow that's cold! I thought it was supposed to be warmer there than here. Nice hat. And even cuter boys. :) Yay for Max on the promotion!

Holly Jo said...

Man, that is cold! Glad it warmed up for you guys - it did here too. -35? That is REALLY cold. Like Fairbanks cold.

I have loved watching you knit all these hats.

TheAmpuT said...

You do know that next year it will be gloves and mittens, right?

Anonymous said...

OK - you win with the cold!!! Wow! Great Hat and congrats Max!

Knitski said...

Hi Kathy,

One of my ski racers is on the AWG cross-country ski team! -18 oh come on that is almost a heat wave! I just got back in from skiing and it is -20. With out wind it feels pretty warm to us folks up here.

My EZ sweater is coming along great. I am about to hem the bottom to make sure I like it before I knit the whole thing.

Are you going to AWG? I am not as I am coaching the ski team here and we have a few races.

Enjoy winter and knitting,