Friday, March 28, 2008

A Most Excellent Week

It started getting excellent early on when we sighted our local wolf. Next up was a rare convergence of clear skies and solar activity that produced the best show of the Aurora Borealis that we've seen since moving back to Juneau. And today we took advantage of some gloriously sunny and mild weather, and went cross-country skiing on the lake. It was a day to wipe out the memory of the 220 rainy days in an average year.

That's Nick and his hat in the foreground, Mendenhall Glacier in the background.

These are some Koigu mittens I made before I started blogging. There's nothing special about them, but I have to tell you all: This is their third winter and I haven't been saving them for special occasions, if you know what I mean. I wear them all the time, unless serious ski gloves are required. I've worn them on countless dog walks with a leash wrapped around my hand and a crazy dog pulling like she thinks she's in the Iditarod. I've worn them to shovel endless inches of snow. And I've worn them skiing. In three winters of hard use, they haven't pilled or worn thin. If, like me, you've wondered how well Koigu holds up, wonder no more.

We skied across the lake so we could get an up-close and personal view of the glacier's face.

And if this wasn't all excellent enough, go see what Gale posted this week. I'm all aglow. (Or maybe that's sunburn.)

I also got a wonderful package from a blog-free reader in Arizona who is obsessed with Alaska. She approached me a few weeks ago about doing a swap and the next thing I knew I had received beautiful yarn, a gorgeous felted bag, yarn soak and a warm and friendly letter. Thanks again, Cassie! (Your package will be on its way soon.)

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my wolf and scarf photos. Seeing the wolf *is* an incredible thing. (msubulldog: I forwarded your comments along to my son. He's getting the blogger "comment lust" and I think it might just motivate him to write some more. Thanks!)


kt said...
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Hilary said...

Booliful! as my daughter used to say. Glad you're getting some sun. Despite the fact that we still have snow on the ground, we have not gone x-country skiing once this year. I think it's because I have brand-new boots.

Nice glacier picture! And yay on the Koigu.

TheAmpuT said...

That's impressive about the Koigu. I like the banner at the top of your blog, too! (I hope that didn't change ages ago and I'm just now realizing it LOL)

Holly Jo said...

Oh, gorgeous. Glad you could get out and enjoy the sunshine. Thanks for the heads up about koigu. I've often wondered, actually.

suzy said...

Knitting Weather is such a treat! Love seeing photos of you and yours. Oh, and the wolf, too! The Malabrigo Melon scarf is amazing! Max's blog is very clever (so writer-ly!). I didn't know whether to post a comment . . . a. Would it be somehow presumptuous? b. How would he know who I was? c. Being a dork is highly underrated! d. Etc., etc. Given where we last met -- land of mild weather -- ironic that we're living (and loving?!) life in the snow and ice! March came in as a lion and intends to go out as a lion 'round here -- five inches fell on us this morning! Alas, the office won out over skiing today . . . oh well, cheers!

Max Lyons said...

maybe you need to get some readers my age

Anonymous said...

Amazing! It sounds like a wonderful day and you sure can't beat that scenery!