Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vernal Equinox

We were greeted with fresh snow on this first day of spring. Several inches of heavy wet snow. Shoveling said snow was a drag, but the day is much brighter and prettier for it; the last several days have been unbelievably dreary.

I have two new knits to show off - and I didn't knit either of them! I'm just trying to keep your interest while I slog through the end of the melon scarf. I cannot in good conscience post another update photo, and I'm determined to finish it before I work on anything else.

Max* returned home from the Arctic Winter Games with this adorable hat for Toby:

It's a conjoined sock hat! Isn't it clever?

At the other end of the knitting spectrum is this gorgeous Dale Sweater I inherited when I was in California last week. One of my bestest mom friends (an amazing group of women I met in a new-mom support group 14 years ago) gave it to me. It belonged to her mother, who died several years ago, and it is too big for Karen. I am incredibly touched by this gift, and I will think of Karen and her mom whenever I wear it. (Which may be constantly! I put it on a few hours ago to take advantage of this pretty day for a photo shoot, and I haven't taken it off since. It is SO lovely!)

*Max's Team Alaska finished 3rd and came home with bronze Ulu Medals to show for it!! He had a great time and I hope he'll soon write about it himself.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

That sweater needs to live in Alaska, it is perfect on you in that setting! Love that hat too, will you attempt a handknit version?

Hilary said...

Beautiful! Did her mother knit it? It's very impressive.

And the sock hat is adorable! Especially on Toby.

But most of all, I am impressed by your new header photo (and font:) Breathtaking. You're not related to that other Yurman photographer, are you?

kt said...

Great sweater, great hat.

Great gawds, snowy spring weather! I'm told it hailed at our house today--I think it happened as it was raining downtown. I was in a not-too-tall building with a wall of glass looking out on rain and clouds and ravens and bright sun, all swirling together in a delightful northwesterly manner.

knitski said...


Love the hat but the sweater is out of this world! WoW! It seems to have found a perfect home in AK!

My skier did well considering she had to learn a new ski technique to go. She is a biathlete one who skis (skate) and shoots. But to go to the AWG she had to learn to classic ski. She had a wonderful time and learned a lot. I think that it was well worth her efforts.

It is still winter up here! -20F this a.m. but it will warm up to +10 to +15 today. It is as clear as can be, and the skiing is great!

As soon as I get a chance I will send a photo of the sweater. I have two more ski races to deal with before the season comes to a close.