Saturday, June 21, 2008


I don't have anything new to show, on the knitting front, but I wanted to unveil my summer banner. I took the photo at around 10:15 PM last night.

Please forgive the lack of knitting content. I am knitting .. maybe I'll have something photo-worthy soon. But it will probably remain quiet around Knitting Weather for a while, as we have a hectic summer of travel planned.

I know I have at least one visitor from the Kelowna, BC area (my StatCounter tells me so!). If you're reading, do you have any yarn shop/tourist recommendations? I'll be in the area for my oldest son's soccer tournament next weekend, but expect to have some time to explore between games.

Happy Summer to all!


Hilary said...

Purty!!! Make sure you save some yarn spending money for the Adirondacks/Vermont ... :)

Nancy said...

Love the photo! I am trying to finish up my Dale sweater for my nephew and it is almost done. Next is finishing up the hemmed sweater. Summer is great down here.

Have a wonderful trip(s).

Jeanne said...

Very pretty photo!

prov31wannabe said...

I'm reading you here in central Illinois. I visited Alaska in summer 1989 (Anchorage, Kenai, Denali) and we saw a rainbow on the Summer Solstice. It was one of our last nights. I returned to AK in March 1991 to watch the Iditarod. Still interested in AK but married now with two teenage sons. May return on 25th anniv. (ten years to go). I became a knitter two years ago. Found your blog via Shear Spirit/ MDK blog/She Shoots Sheep Shots links. Figured out how to put you in my feed reader so it tells me when you post! Have a great summer!

EllyMae said...

Very cool banner!