Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well Situated Soccer Fields

I've been gone so long I hardly know where to begin. I've spent large chunks of the summer away from home, and though I've been knitting, I haven't been inspired enough to share anything in the short time I've been near my computer.

But we returned from our last planned trip recently, and as I face the end of summer I'm drawn back to my blog, and the blogs of others (I have SO much to catch up on!!).

Our most recent trip was to Fairbanks for the annual State Cup soccer tournament. I did my research before we went and on our first trip to the soccer fields I squealed with delight as I noticed we were crossing Peger Road, the street on which Inua Wool Shoppe is located. I managed to get there twice in six days - pretty good stats I think! (The boys were 1 in 3; same ratio, but they were less happy with their results.)

I bought hat yarn on my first trip. I was aiming for warm and cheery, whatta you think?

A Hat For Rene
Pattern: Basic top down hat. I increased 8 stitches every other row for a rounded top.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto DK , 100% Superwash Merino. I used just over one skein of the blue, and not very much of the green.
Needles: US #5

I made this for a friend, but Toby was my gracious model.


Hilary said...

Lovely! For a Yurman, it is positively neon. :) I am so behind I don't know where to start, either. But I have to remind myself that once school starts (Six. More. Days) I will have the whole day to myself. (And that I'll miss them, but that comes later.) Good job with the buying! Can't wait to see the knitting ...

kt said...

Uber cheery! Those two colors couldn't be any more complimentary if they were Julia Child and Jacques Pepin!

Missed you! Welcome back!

Jeanne said...

Great hat! Welcome back...

TheAmpuT said...

I am very behind on reading blogs, too! (obvioulsy) But I DID see this hat pop up on my "friend activity" when you put it up in Ravelry. Jacob and I were cracking up because Toby looked so...well, we called it "meepy" the hat (just say "meep" out loud, maybe it will make more sense haha).
It wasn't until reading this post though that I see the hat was for a friend, and not for Toby!

Good to see you back, but are you gone again?