Saturday, July 22, 2006

Basket Of Flower Basket Shawl

I'm in that unenviable place of being obsessed by a slow growing project that takes up all of my knitting time, but leaves little to show for itself. I'm well under way having completed the seven called for pattern repeats. That's the good news. The bad news is that after seven pattern repeats what I have doesn't look anywhere near shawl size. However, I've been frequenting the local Post Office and using the scale in the lobby. According to my latest calculations using said scale (apparently I've only used 4/10ths of my yarn so far) and the wondrous Shawl Progress Calculator found here, I have enough yarn remaining to do at least two and maybe three extra repeats. I'm cautiously optimistic that the finished shawl will be, while not exactly big, big enough.

I had whole days this week when I unknit more than I knit. I had long hours when I'm sure my SPH* rate was slower than the surgeon's who worked on Lee Ann's head. (Have you all sent her your good wishes?) I was grateful that I had employed a lifeline as I needed to reach out and grab it, more than once. But in the last few days I made peace with the pattern. I've found if I can work without interruption** all the while chanting that row's pattern iteration aloud, and if I compulsively count my stitches after each and every row so that I can quickly catch and fix any forgotten yarn over or errant double decrease, I can make forward progress.

*Stitch per hour
** This is, of course, laughable. I share my home with one husband, two sons and a dog "with issues."


Ketchikan Choc said...

Your shawl is a beautiful color! Your shawl progress sounds like mine. I have a marker at the end of each repeat across the row and bigger markers at the start and stop of the repeat that is one stitch longer than the rest. Knitting lace is a new experience for me but one that I will repeat.

Dipsy said...

I know what you mean about knitting and knitting and having not much progress to show - though I think you did great progress! But just knit and see, suddenly there'll be a nicely sized, big shawl - and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of it! I love the color you've chosen, so calm and warm!

Yarngirl said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous color!! You can always stick a life line in after each pattern repeat as you get closer to feeling like running out? That way, if you do run out, you only have to rip out enough to complete it? It's early and I've only had one cup of coffee, so that may just be gibberish! I'm going to check out that shawl calculator, tho!!

Oh, and I have to tell my entire family whenever I start a new shawl that's complicated - when I have this red, green or whatever colored thing in my hand DO NOT TALK TO ME!! They don't always follow that rule.

Hilary said...

Ooh, you've done a LOT!!! Can't wait to see it big so I can see the pattern. I bet it will be bigger than you expect. (I don't know why I bet that, but I do.)
There does not seem to be time for knitting in my life, now that we're home ... clearly I need to come back!

knitski said...

Very Nice work and thanks for sharing. Found your blog site on the TKGA---board. I hope once I am up in Unalakleet--I will get my blog up and running!

Hope your summer is going well!