Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fighting The Blues

To be honest, I'm not so much fighting them as wandering about the house all mopey and sad and sort of wallowing in them. My brother and his family left yesterday after spending a wonderful 9 days with us in Juneau. I'm bereft. You would be too if you'd had a week like This*, and your brother lived thousands of miles from you and plans for the next visit hadn't been made yet. (* To see the slide show, click on the Personal Images link. )

To add to my misery, I'm pretty much between knitting projects and can't muster the energy to make a decision about what to knit next.. just when I most need a nice soothing knitting project.

After finishing the Wobbly Circles Tote, I cast on for some simple socks so I would at least have a project to bring on our adventures. But they're just not doing it for me. Can't decide if I should slog through or rip .. the yarn is Greenwood Fiberworks Handpainted Cotton Stretch. They feel nice, but refuse to grow, despite being carried along on various outings:

A hike along the shore of Mendenhall Lake, at the terminus of the Mendenhall Glacier.

To Sheep Creek, south of Juneau where, alas, the salmon were not yet running. My niece, Auden, was a great help - both by holding the sock, and by being the cutest thing in the photo.

The sock didn't go whale watching, but I couldn't resist. (It does fit the blue theme ..)

I'm thinking about my luscious Habu Textiles yarn. I have 2 ounces of 2/26 Geelong Lamb Wool. The label says 808 yards. Dare I try a Flower Basket Shawl? Should I use it double or single? Will I have enough? Am I knitter enough for a lace shawl? Am I fashionable enough to pull off wearing one if it turns out I am knitter enough to knit one? You can see how I'm suffering. I might need to take a walk and knit some socks.


Yarngirl said...

So sorry to hear your missing your visitors. You definitely need something to take your mind off it - a shawl would be challenging enough and the flower basket shawl is wonderful - I'm sure you have enough yarn for one of the sizes...Cheer up!

Will said...

miss you too. And I don't have a knitting project to console me :)

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I can see why you have the post-family-visit-itis blues.Thanks for posting the link to the stunning photos by your bro.

I say go for the Flower Basket, you have the skills and I think lace looks coolest when you wear it wrapped around your neck like a regular scarf, (tres continental) not all fussy and shawlish. If that's a word.