Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shawl And Swatches

I've embarked on my first lace shawl, Evelyn Clark's Flower Basket Shawl out of the Fall 2004 InterweaveKnits. I'm using 2/26* Geelong Lamb Wool from HABU textiles. Considering I have only 808 yards and I'm using it double, it may be more of a scarf.

I love watching the pattern emerge and I adore the puckered fabric because I've seen so many other bloggers reveal the magic of the blocked lace shawl. I can hardly wait!

When I was too tired to trust myself to follow the chart last night, I switched gears and became obsessed anew with working on my TKGA Master Hand Knitter Level I swatches. I'm determined to stick to it and submit them .. soon. I've worked nine of the 16 required swatches and made some progress on the questions this morning. Maybe going public with this goal will keep me focused.

* Can anyone out there tell me what this numerical designation means? I'm thinking maybe it's related to ply? Wraps per inch? I haven't a clue..


Yarngirl said...

dunno what the number means, but goodness, that's a gorgeous color and the pattern is looking great! Lovely swatches - I've thought of doing that course, but have never taken myself off to do it!

Ketchikan Choc said...

Your swatches look good. I'm planning to start my swatches when I finish the sweater I'm knitting for a DD.

Dipsy said...

Oh, your shawl is coming along beautifully, can't wait to see it when its all finished! And your swatchers do look great - must head over to that page to have a look at the requirements, you sure made me curious about that course!

Kim said...

Hi Kathy,
Kim from the Nimble Knitter here. I love the color of the yarn you're using for the shawl. Thanks for the kind words about Icarus. I used #3US 24" circular needles. I forgot to put that in the info. I love the pattern for the flower basket shawl. I may have to try that one myself.

About the numbers, I think that refers to how many times the yarn can be wrapped around a dowel in an inch, or in this case maybe two inches. Or maybe the 2 refers to the diameter of the dowel. Just a guess.

Theresa said...

I ended up being quite surprised how large my FBS got with the 400 or so yards of handspun that I had to work it in. Have fun with yours!

Leanne said...

Your swatches are looking great. I knit mine months ago (as soon as I received the instructions), but haven't yet blocked them or done the written stuff. I really should take some time and complete it.

Thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog!!