Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Bit O' Stash

I've had some attention deficit regarding my knitting lately. I think it's partly due to finishing a big project. I feel so free to start something new that I just want to keep starting something new. Then there's the whole blog thing. I'm having so much fun with this, but as a fretter, it also gives me something new to fret about. I worry: Do I have enough knitting going on to satisfy anyone who might drop by?

So I'm knitting a few rounds here and a few rows there and there's just not much new to show today. So it might be time for a Stash Picture. Lately I've been thinking about this Noro: I bought it right before our move with a vest in mind. I'm still thinking vest. Maybe something with cables and a deep V neck?? The benefit of being a knitter in Juneau is that one can think about a wool vest in any season.

In other news, Hilary asked where I got the idea to dye grey yarn. I wish I could tell you "I'm just that clever," but I can't take the credit. I found a wonderful Kool-Aid dyeing guide here and realized the colors on the right were much more ME. I also recalled a wonderful class I took with Sally Melville. She's big on overdyeing and showed us inspiring samples, many of which can be seen here. Eunny Jang has a great Kool-Aid dyeing tutorial in which she started with a colored yarn and that also got the gears turning. And finally I went to this book and looked at the color wheels. BINGO. My favorite colors all have grey undertones.

And that's lucky for me 'cause it's grey again in Juneau.


Dipsy D. said...

I can so relate to you fretting over the knit-blog-thing, I do feel the same here - whenever I'm getting slow with knitting, I start worrying if I'll ever again have something to write or if no one would be interested anymore or or or... probably a quite human thing to worry over everything, don't you think?
I love that yarn so much, it looks so absolutely cozy and comfy - looking forward to seeing what you decide to make with it - it's gonna be something absolutely pretty!

Hilary said...

Oh of course you're that clever. Anyway, it's beautiful. As is the stash ... and the bag it's in! Where did that come from? It matches!!! (Can you tell I'm still obsessing about my bag?:) Have you knit with Noro before? There is a beautiful felted Fair Isle bag in Sally Melville's color book that uses Noro.