Sunday, May 28, 2006


I've become obsessed with the Wobbly Circles Tote. In its pursuit I have neglected second socks, Level I swatches, and yarn destined for community project hats. I have been driven the last few days despite the fact that it's fiddly and cumbersome. I was delighted a day or two back when I figured out this solution:

By placing the two chairs facing one another, I was able to move me as I rotated between knit and purl rows, rather than turn the knitted fabric. While not totally eliminating the need to detangle every row or so, it greatly minimized the mess and confusion.

Here it is today, a few rows from the finish:

But there's a catch: Even though I said it was going to be a nice stress free project because I wouldn't have to worry about gauge or fit, I've found something else to worry about. I'm more of a shoulder bag person. Yes, I knew this going into the project, but I thought it had such lovely handles I'd just go with it and maybe make a modification for a future project. However, it's knitting up bigger than expected (of course, I substituted yarn and knew it wouldn't be the same) and now I'm thinking I'll really want it to fit over my shoulder. Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Follow the pattern and since everything is already bigger, maybe the handles will be big enough to slip over my shoulders.
  2. Bind off several extra stitches and make the opening a little bigger and hope for the best.
  3. Knit and felt a swatch/sample and see how long the handles really have to be, to be perfect.
OK knitters, let's face it, no way am I doing number 3, obsessive or not. Besides, on top of everything else I'm worried about having enough yarn. 2 seems the likely choice to me, it's just that the handles are such a lovely shape and wouldn't it be a shame if I ended up with some that were too short to slip over my shoulder and too long and loose to hold comfortably?

At the top, the tote is 66 stitches across. The pattern calls for binding off the center 20 stitches for the handles. I could increase that to maybe 30? I really don't know because I don't know how much length and width I'm going to lose when I felt this. (Back to option 3, but please don't vote for option 3.) I can keep a close watch on it during felting, of course, and stop if the handles are getting too short, but I am partial to a really well felted fabric and that's what I envision for this.

My nearly-finished dimensions are actually only slightly larger then the pattern calls for, pre-felted. I get approximately 23 1/2 " wide at the top and 25 1/2" tall to their 20 1/4" wide at the top and 25 1/4" tall. Finished measurements are supposed to be 13" wide at opening and 13" tall .

Oh, what to do? What to do?


gale said...

what about # 2 but increase some stitches in the above the "buttonhole" part of the handle? Its going to look great whatever you do, in those colors, love it.

Dipsy D. said...

Oy! There's pretty much to worry about - but you're right, these are certainly things to think about with such a project! I agree with Gale who posted before me, perhaps you should go for solution #2 and increasing some stitches on the upper part of the handle? Perhaps this would be worth a try - but whatever you decide for, it's such a gorgeous project and is going to look fabulous with these colors!

Yarngirl said...

Lovely knitting and I love the set up you have!!! I don't know about the handles - I hope you get some really good ideas from some very clever knitters!