Monday, May 15, 2006

Home Grown Stripes

Or: How I Spent My Mother's Day.

Let's back up a minute. Some of you might recall my first foray into Kool-Aid dyed yarn, which I then knit into Olympic Socks.

I love them, because I loved being part of the Knitting Olympics . But let's be honest, THESE are not "my colors." Are they anyone's colors?

Yesterday I ventured again into the wonderful world of Kool-Aid dyeing. I started with this:

Two 50 gram balls of Dale Baby Ull superwash in Mid Grey

Three Kool-aid flavors later (Lemon-Lime, Berry Blue and Grape)

I ended up with this:

Something magical happened. Overdyeing the grey yarn produced just what I wanted. This yarn has a silky sheen and the colors are rich and deep. My colors. Working with two separate skeins was a little fussy (Read: Tangled mess, much profanity and skein rewinding) and I'm pretty sure my stripes aren't going to line up perfectly. But I don't care. I adore this yarn!

Sun is shining (yes, those are shadows you see). Temps in the mid 50's.


Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! Oh, you did such a great dyeing job with that yarn - you're right, the colors are fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of it when you knitted up a bit more on the socks, to see its real beauty!

Hilary said...

How cool! Where did you get the idea of using gray yarn? It looks great! And where did you stash your children while you were doing this?


jessica~ said...

Your hand dyed is great! Love the colors!!