Sunday, May 21, 2006

False Alarm

For a fraction of a nanosecond this morning, I thought I had made the Big Time. Lovely visions of fame and fortune flashed before my eyes. I imagined knocking the Yarn Harlot off the charts. I worried about what I could possible knit up in time for my first Letterman appearance. In my mind's eye, I engaged in witty repartee with Marie Irshad.

And then I discovered the reality of Spam Comments. 30 of 'em waiting to taunt and humiliate me. So dear readers (all 4 of you), I've enabled Word Verification. Please don't let it dampen your spirits. Comment. Comment early and comment often. I'll be waiting.


Only partly cloudy and dry all weekend. Temps hit the low 60's yesterday. I don't think Nick will be needing this scarf again for at least a few months.

Nick's Scarf
Yarn: Blue Sky sport weight Alpaca (3 skeins)
Needles: US 3
Pattern: Ann Norling Lace Scarf Pattern
Finished size: 6" x 70"


Dipsy D. said...

Ah, all these comment spams are such a shame, what a horror it is to get them! Well done for enabling word verification, and as for me, I'll certainly not be bothered by it, I love commenting! :)
Your scarf is so lovely, what a wonderful color you chose for it, and I'm absolutely impressed by your neat, even knitting! The pattern is so beautiful too - that's truly a great piece that you did! Congrats!

Hilary said...

That happened to me last week too. Though I had no fears I'd hit the big time. :)
The scarf is gorgeous! I love the pattern. Is it hard?

Ketchikan Choc said...

Nick's scarf looks beautiful. You are quite a knitter.


Mini said...

Ahh the spammers. Amazing how fast they find you isnt' it? Sorry I haven't commented,been swamped with dad, but I have been reading! I am thinking of trying out that grey dying... how many packets did you use of each? it looks great! I don't make stripes... I usually handpaint.

Yarngirl said...

Gorgeous. Just beautiful - love the pattern and the color you chose.