Thursday, May 11, 2006


I spent a few horrible minutes (of ~30 horrible hours) wondering if somehow I'd gotten the attention of malevolent knitting gods who were just giving me the knitting time for which I'd wished. (see previous post) I came around though. Malevolent knitting gods? That's gotta be an oxymoron.

My 12 year old, Max, took a spleen-rupturing blow during his second soccer game last Saturday. Emergency surgery to remove his spleen was performed a few hours later. The surgery went smoothly and after one long night in the CCU he was moved to a regular room. We were all comforted by his room's proximity to two big locked doors that led to the Mental Health Unit. For several days I wasn't sure on which side of those doors I belonged. I finished my first "Socks That Rock" sock at his bedside and he graciously agreed to pose with it.

(You're probably all wondering why I didn't take the opportunity to cut his hair while he was still in a post-surgery stupor. Believe me, I considered it.)

Sock Specs
Yarn: "Socks That Rock" in Carbon
Needles: US 1, dpns
Pattern: "Oak Ribbed Sock" by Nancy Bush from Here. My only modification was to do a standard toe shaping rather than the "round toe shaping" the pattern called for.

This is wonderful yarn and I dutifully cast on the second sock right away, to try and stave off "Second Sock Syndrome."

The weather is still wet and way too cold for May, even by Juneau standards. But things are much sunnier at our house.

Healthy, strong 12 year olds recover with amazing speed and Max was discharged from the hospital last evening.


Mini said...

welcome the world of knitblogging! You live in what i consider to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. I have been fortunate to travel 2X fom Boston to Alaska and I loved it. I truly love Southern Alaska the most--- specifically Ketchikan and Juneau. c'mon by the blog and say hey when you get a chance. Oh, and hope your kiddo feels better-- he looks like he bounced back from a spleenectomy pretty well!
:) Kate

Hilary said...

Awesome socks! And cute teenager, too. :) Actually, I think he looks much more like the "old" Max in this picture than the last one I saw (even without his spleen) so I am relieved.

Yarngirl said...

Found you through another blog - my best to Max and you for a speedy recovery - that is a nasty soccer accident!

Love the sock, too!!